About Alliance

The Ohio River and its tributaries provide the residents of fifteen states with safe drinking water, hydroelectric power, recreational boating, commercial transport, flood risk management, habitat for fish and wildlife, and many, many more uses of our water resources. With so many competing ways to use water, this page isn’t “About Us” so much as it is about ALL of Us.

About ALL of Us

The Ohio River Basin Alliance is comprised of stakeholders from industry, academia, government, and non-profits. We are working together to discuss management of our shared water resources in the Ohio River Basin. By collaborating and creating partnerships, we can shift our perspective from a historical project-by-project focus to a more strategic watershed point of view.

Having a strengthened regional identity for the Ohio River Basin and a forum for communication and information sharing will help us to reduce duplication and leverage limited resources. Together, we will promote sustainable solutions to the most difficult water resource challenges facing the Ohio River Basin, and ultimately make the basin a desired destination to work, live and play!

If you’re visiting this webpage for the first time, we hope you’ll join us at our next conference to seek actions that will benefit both the present and future generations of the Ohio River Basin and its users.

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